Can You Drink Chamomile Tea During Pregnancy?

chamomile tea & pregnancy


Pregnancy is time when people are extra cautious what they’re putting in to their bodies, and rightly so since there are so many foods and drinks that you shouldn’t consume.

With foods to avoid ranging from soft cheeses to shellfish, what drinks should you avoid? And is chamomile tea one of them? We answer this question below.

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Is chamomile tea safe to drink while pregnant?

The main drinks you should avoid while pregnant is alcohol and any drinks containing too much caffeine (for instance, you can’t drink multiple cups of coffee a day).

Natural herbal teas, such as the ones we sell at Tea Off only include ingredients that are safe for both mother and baby, however some herbal tea may contain additional ingredients such as artificial flavourings, which may not be too good, so it’s always wise to stick to natural and loose leaf tea where possible.

The NHS website officially states that herbal teas are ok to drink during pregnancy, but that you should consume no more than 4 cups a day. Bad news for avid herbal tea lovers.


chamomile tea & pregnancy

What to be aware of

There are various pregnancy blogs that you’ll find online that will speculate about whether it’s safe to drink chamomile tea during pregnancy. One blog we find speculated that it “may lead to circulation problems in your baby”. It’s important to remember that this is only speculation and happens for just about anything when it comes to the online world. There are probably blogs somewhere trying to convince us that bananas aren’t safe!

Just with everything else during pregnancy, the main thing to remember is to take the advice of your doctor. While evidence shows that chamomile is safe to drink, if you start experiencing any side effects, it may be that your doctor advisers you to cut down on certain ingredients.

Interested in finding out more about chamomile tea? Read our post, including facts from various studies on the link between chamomile tea and sleep here – spoiler alert, it may help new mum’s have a better night’s rest!

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