DIY Afternoon Tea Party Ideas

tea party ideas


When you think of afternoon tea, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Scones, rectangular sandwiches and a pot of english tea? Usually. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, the only thing we insist must stay the same is the tea, but we want to spice that part up too.

We know, you might be thinking: “nope, I like my traditional afternoon tea” but we’re not the only ones who want to put a twist on it. Search for afternoon tea in Manchester and London and you’ll see everything from fried-chicken afternoon teas to sushi splendours. So yes, while the more traditional afternoon tea is very much still alive and well, you can go anywhere for that, so we’re going to offer something different.

Unique DIY Afternoon Tea Ideas

Below are some of our ideas for an afternoon tea party with a twist, perfect for entertaining or just enjoying with a friend on a Sunday afternoon.

diy afternoon tea

British Baked

This ones for all of the sweet tooths and doesn’t include any savoury items at all. The only rule? Everything must be British baked. Including everything from Mary Berry’s classic British Sponge to Jaffa cakes, Bakewell tarts & just about anything from the McVities collection – chocolate digestives, hobnobs, ginger nuts. McVities is your oyster.

Why not even add an alternative to tea and put hot Vimto on the menu? Rest assured however that if you do opt for tea, all of our loose leaf tea blends are mixed and hand-packaged here in the UK, so you have our blessing to include our teas and still pass it off as “British Baked”.

Mad-Hatters Tea-Party

This ones less about the food and more about celebrating the endless flavours you can experience with tea. The only rule, make it colourful. This tea party is all about creativity and can be turned in to an event before enjoying the tea by making all of the crazy coloured cakes and experimenting with different ingredients to change the colour of your tea.

Green cupcakes, colourful china and the most vivid coloured teas you can achieve, are all on the list – our hibiscus and orange tea will give you the red and you can add butterfly pea flower to out lavender bliss tea to turn it a rich shade of blue.

unique afternoon tea ideas

The Pub Lunch

Tea isn’t always about indulgence, sometimes it’s simply your go-to brew to get you through the day. So the pub lunch afternoon tea is inspired by builders everywhere.

Ditch the sandwiches and dare we say it, the scones and instead opt for some of the more loveable rogues that aren’t often appreciated for all their glory. We want to see pork pies, scotch eggs, miniature Cornish pasties and good standard digestives alongside a selection of black english teas.

The Disney Tea Party

Lastly on the list is a theme that we think should be incorporated in to just about everything – who doesn’t love Disney?! This one will feature classic Disney cupcakes, a whole Disney princess birthday cake (even if it’s not your birthday..) and sandwiches cut in to the shape of Mickey Mouse.

To make this afternoon tea even more fun, try hiding Disney quiz questions around the table. There’s no prize for the winner, the acknowledgement that they are a Disney whizz is a praise enough alone!

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