The Best Tea & Cake Pairings

tea and cake combos


Is there a better combo than tea and cake? We can’t think of many, and with us now adding so many loose leaf tea blends to our collection, we thought it was about time we shared our favourite tea and cake combos.

Below you’ll find some of our favourite pairings and we’ll update this list if we find any new combos that work wonderfully together. Have a browse below and then head to our shop section to trial for yourself!

Every Day Tea & Victoria sponge

Our every day classic black tea is great at all times of the day, but pairing it with a slice of cake in the afternoon is one of our favourite ways to drink it and should be a firm staple at any english themed tea parties.

While we went with the classic Victoria Sponge for this one, realistically this is the easiest tea to pair with cake and goes beautifully with carrot cake, ginger cake and battenberg too.

victoria sponge and tea

White Mango Tea & Carrot Cake

Our white mango tea is a really refreshing blend, so we didn’t want anything too heavy for this one. Carrot cake is the perfect balance of being sweet, but not too sweet and fuses together with the mango to form a light and tasty indulgent snack.

There’s a reason why you’ll often find carrot and mangoes blended together in smoothies, because together they taste delicious!

Pineapple Green Tea & Ginger Cake

This combo is bursting with flavours and is a true party for your tastebuds. The subtleness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with the sharpness of the ginger, and even brings out the pineapple in the tea more.

Green tea & Chocolate Cake

This is just simply a classic combo and if you haven’t tried it yet, we urge you to ASAP. The flavours of the green tea and the richness of the chocolate fuse together perfectly and it’s often a go to desserts in East Asian restaurants. In fact, any type of chocolate is a common dessert with green tea, not just cake. So if you have any pieces of chocolate in the house, as well as some green tea, now is the perfect time to try it.

chocolate cake and tea

Earl Grey & Citrus Cakes

The fruity tones in our Earl Grey go wonderfully with citrus flavours, so you could pair this blend with anything from a lemon to an orange cake.

If you’re not much for citrus cakes, then this blend also goes well with a vanilla buttercream, or any type of fruity tart (bonus points if it includes passion fruit).

Chamomile & Lemon cake

Our lavender bliss tea infuses chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower and lavender to create a mix of flavours that complement lemon drizzle perfectly.

This combo just leaves you feeling dreamy, as if you’ve treated your taste buds to a calming slice of delight.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on what cakes to serve with your teas, why not throw a tea party? We have you covered for that too, read more in our post DIY afternoon tea party ideas here. 🎉

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