5 Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea

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Once you’ve converted to loose leaf tea, it’s hard to go back and there are so many benefits of going loose leaf. With loose leaf being traditionally popular within herbal tea varieties, due to you being able to add as many flavours and ingredients as you like, it’s now taking over the black tea world and the market is only growing.

Asides from being delicious and indulgent, we’ve broken down 5 of the main benefits of loose leaf tea below.

Kinder to the environment

Although many of the tea bag brands are moving towards using completely compostable tea bags, many aren’t there yet. By switching to loose leaf tea you eliminate any waste from a tea bag, as well as cutting out any plastic wrapper waste, which larger brands often use to cover their boxes, or to seal their bags.

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Can promote better sleep

Just like how there are many lavender based oils, sprays and candles on the market to promote a better night’s sleep, this also works in drink form too. In fact, you could argue since you’re consuming the plant, it will have more of an impact than simply the fragrance of it.

Lavender isn’t the only herbal tea ingredient known for its calming properties, with plants such as chamomile, lavender and passion flower also appearing to have similar relaxing affects on the body.

General health benefits

Depending on the ingredients you use, loose leaf tea is very high in antioxidants, acting as a wonderful way to nourish your body. Since you’re not constrained to a tea bag there is no limit on what you can include within your blends, adding any natural ingredients you can find, dependent on what you fancy at the time.

Can aid digestion

Loose leaf tea is packed full of natural, organic ingredients that soothe the digestive tract. While this depends on which blend you drink, many herbal blends contain herbs that are known for calming the stomach and helping to promote digestion. In fact, we looked deep in to the link between herbal tea and digestion, which you can read more about here.

It’s often tastier

We may be biased, as all of the teas we stock really are delicious and are an indulgent treat, rather than just ‘another brew’. There are studies however looking at tea bags and how they limit the infusion process, making for less of a fuller flavour when compared to loose leaf.

One thing we know for sure is we won’t be switching back to tea bags and love the freedom to experiment with new ingredients when it comes to loose leaf. Have you converted yet?

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