Herbal Teas for Different Moods

loose leaf lavender tea


We all know that we are what we eat and eating a balanced diet generally leaves us feeling good, but did you know herbal teas can hugely affect our moods too?

Whether you’re feeling sleepy, tired, low or sluggish, sipping on a tea can relieve these feelings. This is part due to the mindful element of relaxing and enjoying a warm beverage, however it’s also hugely down to the ingredients. Our loose leaf herbal teas are 100% natural, with no added colourings, additives or preservatives, so if you’re looking for a real health kick, browsing our store is a great place to start.

We break down some of the best teas to drink for different moods below.

teas for different moods


There are many teas that can help if you’re needing a bit of a pick me up, or had a bad night’s sleep. The most obvious choice would be a black or green tea, however if you want to avoid caffeine a tea with citrus ingredients such as lemon, orange or even hibiscus is great too.

Or if you’ve just woken up on the wrong side of the bed and need something to get you back to your usually chirpy self, dandelion teas are known in Chinese medicine to restore balance.


There are so many herbal tea ingredients that can help when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, such as chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passion flower and more.

Different studies have shown these ingredients to have calming effects and generally they have been used in herbal medicines for centuries.

We created the ultimate calming tea, combining all of these ingredients – and what’s more, it tastes delicious too. You can buy our calming loose leaf herbal tea blend here.


If you’re just not quite feeling yourself, or are even envisioning a bad night’s sleep in advance, a lavender tea is a great choice.

The plant is best known for stabilising moods and emotions and having an all round calming affect on the body – which is why it’s so often used in candles and sleeping aids.

loose leaf lavender tea


Had a big meal, or it’s just later on in the afternoon and you’re feeling a bit sluggish? Well then your best choice would be a peppermint tea.

Due to its soothing and natural elements, peppermint tea helps to balance out the digestion, whereas the water you’re consuming at the same time helps to break down food and allow the body to absorb the nutrients.

In fact peppermint tea is so good for digestion that we wrote a whole blog post on it. You can read our post on herbal tea and digestion here.


If you’re feeling unwell a ginger, lemon and honey tea is one of the best natural remedies. Generally you’d have this blend if you were coming down with the flu or a cold, but it can be great for headaches or general aches and pains too.

Ginger has a wide range of benefits but can be particularly good for headaches and migraines, whereas lemon and honey are soothing in general.


We’ve tried just about every tea we can to help with different moods and can confirm they do work. As with most things in life though, it’s usually a case of mind over matter, so try sipping your teas whilst telling yourself it will make you feel better – we guarantee it will make all the difference.

Which tea will you be trying first?

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