What is “True Tea”?

what is true tea


Would you believe me if I told you that Black Tea and Green Tea are both made from the same plant – Well, it’s true. In fact, there are five main types of tea, all of which come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Our loose leaf black teas use tea leaves sourced from some of the places below!

So what exactly is True Tea?

In the world of tea, only teas produced from the Camellia Sinensis  – more commonly known as the ‘tea plant’ – are granted the title of “true” tea. That said, most people (myself included) do also classify herbal teas, such as Chamomile and Mint, as tea – they just aren’t strictly classed as ‘true tea’.

The varieties of “true” tea are created based on the processing the leaves go through during production.

a guide to tea processing


Types of True Tea:

Black Tea: By far the more commonly purchased tea. Black tea goes through a full oxidisation process that other teas do not go through. This results in a bold, rich flavour that is enjoyed by many.

Origin: India, China and Sri Lanka

White Tea: Despite its name, once brewed it is a more yellow colour than white. This tea goes through a simple production process compared to the other teas and as a result has a softer, more subtle taste too. When mixed with flowers or herbs it can add a little something extra without overpowering those other more delicate flavours.

Origin: China

Green Tea: Goes through a firing or steaming process that other teas do not. There is a vast majority of flavours amongst green teas, but most will associate it with a slightly bitter flavour compared to the others. High quality green teas can however taste very different

Origin: China and Japan

Oolong Tea: Like Black tea Oolong tea goes through an oxidization process, unlike Black tea, Oolong tea goes through a partial oxidization process. This means that the colour of the leaves can vary and those different coloured leaves tend to have a different taste.

Origin: China and Taiwan

Pu-erh Tea: Is a tea that has been fermented and it will come in a variety of ages. Its taste varies depending on its age, how it was processed during production and where it was grown and fermented. One might see this as an opportunity to, oh I don’t know, try more tea.

Origin: China

What about Flavoured Teas?

Flavoured teas are, simply put, any of the true teas mixed with ingredients that can be used to create herbal teas. Watch out though, many shop bought teas may use artificial flavourings which may not be as healthy as they appear.

All of our loose leaf herbal teas are made with 100% natural ingredients and we test and mix them all here in the UK.

passion flower herbal tea


Where to buy

Exploring the world of tea can be a lot of fun and quite relaxing. If you do choose to then please do consider those that grew, picked, and produced those ingredients for you as most tea is produced in poor parts of the world. Looking for Fairtrade tea is a great start.

We are proud to say we responsibly source all of our tea leaves and herbs. Why not shop our selection here?



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