Mao Jian Green Tea

Our full flavour green tea is grown at high altitudes in the Dabie Mountains, giving it sublime flavours and tones. This wiry tippy green tea is a truly revitalising blend, with creamy, fruity and earthy tones.

Packed full of antioxidants, this blend not only tastes delicious but is a boost for the immune system, leading itself to healthy digestion, a fast metabolism and glowing skin.


Grown in China’s breathtaking Dabie Mountains, tea leaf farming has helped many of the locals escape poverty in the region. Due to its remote location and lack of infrastructure, for many years it was impossible for the locals to trade. In 2017 however, the local government and tea cooperative transformed the area for tea farming, adding transport links and gifting the locals with over 3,000 tea seedlings. This helped to improve the lives of the locals and allows us to offer delicious, unique blends to our customers.

Pouch Size

50g, 100g


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