Full Tea Selection Box


Love loose leaf tea so much that you want them all? Then this is the product you need. Our loose leaf tea selection boxes allow you to sample each one of our teas, from our herbal blends to our black and white varieties.

Each selection box includes:

  • Pozitiva-Tea – 20g
  • Protec-Tea – 20g
  • Sereni-Tea – 20g
  • White Tea & Mango – 20g
  • Pai Mu Tan White Tea – 20g
  • Darjeeling – 20g

Find out more about each tea in the description box below.

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Loose leaf teas included in the selection box:

  • Pozitiva-Tea: A hibiscus & orange peel herbal tea, containing nettle leaf, liquorice root, vervain & skullcaps.
  • Protec-Tea: A elderberry and peppermint herbal tea, containing ginger, lemon peel, liquorice root and nettle leaf.
  • Sereni-Tea: A calming passion flower and chamomile herbal tea, containing lavender and lemon balm.
  • White Tea & Mango: A delicious white tea containing mango and hints or marigold.
  • Pai Mu Tan White Tea: A classic, refreshing and fruity white tea .
  • Darjeeling: A fruity and bold black darjeeling loose leaf tea.

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